10 Langley Pest Control Tips and Tricks

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If you’re looking to get rid of pests in your home but don’t know where to begin, start with these ten Langley pest control tips and tricks. From how to recognize pests in your home to how to get the best treatment possible from your exterminator Langley, this information will help you both understand pests and determine the best way to protect yourself from them. Don’t let your home become overrun by pests – learn how to control pests Langley using these ten tricks today!

Seal Cracks around Windows and Doors

Seal all possible entrances to your home that are cracks or holes, especially those around windows, doors, pipes and vents. Keep in mind that rodents may enter through tiny openings such as electrical wires. If you cannot repair damaged areas yourself, contact a professional pest control service to do it for you. Finding new ways to eliminate pests from your home is one of our passions here at Exterminator Langley by omnipestcontrol.ca: from mice to ants, roaches to termites. And we’re always excited when we can share our top tips with our readers! So without further ado… Enjoy!

Keep Food Sealed in Containers

Pantry moths prefer items stored in airtight containers, including crackers, pasta, cereal and oatmeal. When you bring these items home from your grocery store or supermarket be sure to transfer them into proper storage containers. This will ensure that any unwelcome guests don’t make themselves at home in your pantry or food cupboards. If you need help finding professional pest control Langley services, feel free to contact us here! The service technicians we employ will help rid your home of pests using a number of safe Langley extermination methods we have perfected over years of experience servicing local homes and businesses.

Use Glue Traps when Needed

If you have persistent, hard-to-kill pests, like ants or cockroaches, you may need to resort to a more aggressive form of pest control Langley. Glue traps are an easy solution for eliminating stubborn bugs—after all, it’s basically impossible for them to escape. Once they’re stuck on your glue trap, use a little cleaner to kill them off before disposing of their bodies. If you’re considering using glue traps as part of your Langley pest control by exopest.ca strategy, here are some pointers: Be sure to place them in areas where pests frequent but that aren’t likely to be seen by humans (like behind appliances or in cabinets). Don’t use these if children or pets might come into contact with them.

Clean up Pet Messes Immediately

Mothballs can keep out a number of different critters. A few mothballs placed in a high-traffic area should work, but if you have a particularly persistent rodent problem, it’s worth placing them in every area where rodents may hide (cabinets, attics, etc.). The scent is unpleasant to rodents so they’ll try to find somewhere else to live. Mothballs are also safe for humans so long as you take precautions. Don’t leave them exposed for too long or in an enclosed space (no more than 48 hours), always wash your hands after touching them and don’t use them around pets or children.

Place Mothballs in Cabinets where Rodents may Hide

Mothballs are toxic to rodents. They can be placed in cabinets or drawers where mice may hide. Though they may leave a strong odor, they won’t cause harm if they get into your food. However, it is important to remove them when you are finished, as they can release toxic fumes over time.

Keep your Yard Clear of Debris

The less cover your home has, in terms of trees, shrubs, or other landscaping features that can attract pests, the easier it will be to keep things under control. Even if you keep your house clear of insects, you might find that those pests come from outside. Blocked drains or a buildup of animal waste in your backyard could create a breeding ground for harmful pests like termites and roaches. And even if you have no issues with pests on your property, it’s still important to clear brush away—for fire safety reasons! In fact, properly disposing of vegetative matter is among langley pest control companies’ top recommendations for homeowners. One good way to do so is by allowing yard debris to decay naturally—or else by composting at home.

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