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Search engines now have added another interesting feature “I’m Feeling Curious”. Google is using its new trick to show and wants to make it easy for you to know about interesting topics. This new feature will cure your boredom and keep you busy for a long time.

For this you don’t need to do anything just type in the Google search engine “I’m Feeling Curious” and you will find Google fun. It’s a Google trend to show “fun facts” to the users.  You can see more related questions by just pressing the button “ask another question” and Google will show you more….

Google gets these results mostly from Wikipedia or news sites.

Take a look at how the results are shown by Google when you search “I’m Feeling Curious”

Is there nicotine in tomatoes?

tomatoes have nicotine in them?
I’m feeling curious

Number bones in human Skeleton?

I'm feeling curious
Im feeling curious about bones in the human skeleton?

Is there an animal with four stomachs?

animal with four stomachs
m feeling curious about animals with four stomachs

When was the coffee used the first time?

When coffee invented
Im feeling curious coffee invented

Gaffer in a Movie?

Gaffer in a movie
m feeling curious gaffer in a movie

Why noise in a thunderstorm?

Why noise in a thunderstorm
Im feeling curious noise in a thunderstorm

what was Oprah named after?

Oprah name
Im feeling curious Oprah named after

Where is the Statue City of Liberty located in?

Statue of liberty city
Im feeling curious about the statue of liberty city

What is bubble tea?

where from bubble tea come
Im feeling curious bubble tea come from

How much time did it take to get to the moon in 1969?

Moon in 1969 now
Im feeling curious time to get the moon in 1969

What is WOPR in war games?

What is the use of WOPR in war games?
m feeling curious about WOPR in war games

Do the radio stations end on odd numbers?

radio stations have end on odd numbers
m feeling curious why radio stations have an odd number

Do you think why whales have a nose?

Why do the whales have nose?
m feeling curious whales have a nose

When was Shakespeare’s first child born?

shakespeares first child
m feeling curious about Shakespeare’s first child

Is the combustion process exothermic or endothermic?

is combustion exothermic or endothermic?
m feeling curious about combustion exothermic or endothermic

Where is the longest day in the universe?

which is the longest day
Im feeling curious longest

When did Neil Armstrong first walk on the moon?

about Neil Armstrong
Im feeling curious about Neil Armstrong’s first step on Moon

How we can measure the pitch of sound?

Pitch of the sound
Im feeling curious pitch of the sound

When did Thanksgiving occur the first time?

Im feeling curious when thanksgiving occur

Is there any war between the French and Americans?

French and American war
Im feeling curious about war french and American

If we call ‘Google Search Engine’ the most educative platform in the world, it is undoubtedly true. In 2015, Google introduced “I’m feeling curious” to educate its users with universal facts. This is one of the oldest and most captivating tricks of Google. However, millions of people liked it and still use it regularly.

Not only this, Google has programmed some other Google gravity tricks that keep the visitors entertained in leisure spans, where you can try Google zero gravity, anti-gravity, Google underwater, Google snake game, etc.

What About the War of French Americans?

What is “I’m feeling curious”?

Whenever you type the phrase “I’m feeling curious” into the Google search engine, it serves you with random fun facts for future confrontations or impress your peers. These facts come from Wikipedia, news sites, or any other authentic sources that are basically linked with Google.

Like this trick, there are many other tricks that have been introduced by Google in recent years. All of them have different interfaces and purposes but, their core idea is to facilitate the visitors.

Benefits of ‘I’m feeling curious’:

Unrestricted Knowledge:

The most important feature of this site is that it provides you with unlimited and unrestricted knowledge about all the facts of the universe that are present on the internet. The people who want to read and learn the mysterious facts about any topic should visit this source of knowledge. Conveniently, it offers an actual return on the time you spend reading questions.

Knowledge With Fun:

Whenever you click the button “Ask Another Question”, you will be curious about what would be the next thing? While that curiosity becomes the real fun of this trick. However, there are many other tricks of Google that serve the same thing where you can learn with fun. But this is the only trick that generates a random fact every time.

Suitable For Any Age:

Being a trick of universal facts, it is suitable for people of any age. The person whose age ranges 6 to 70 years can use this site to get knowledge. Therefore, no matter whether you are a child, teenager, young, or adult. Yes, everything on “I’m feeling curious” is available for you anytime. Even people of any category can learn fun facts from it.

Accessible Source:

Besides all other factors, easy accessibility of the source is another prominent feature of this site. You just need to search “I’m feeling curious” or “fun facts” in the Google search engine, and it starts showing a random fact. So, no matter what the time is, this will always be at your touch. Not only the access to information, but many games are waiting for action.

Games and Tools:

Luckily, there is a large number of games and fun tools present on Google to avoid your boredom. At the bottom of the question box, you get a drop-down menu. It comprises fascinating games and mathematical tools, especially for kids of age 5 to 12 years. Besides, there are plenty of games for basic calculations and information about subjects. For example, playing ‘roll a die’ is one the finest fun games on the menu.

How Does “I’m feeling curious” work?

Amazingly, when you write “I’m feeling curious” or “fun facts” in the Google Search Bar, it brings random knowledgeable facts from Google’s database index pages by some specific Algorithms. With the question and answer in the box, it shows a link to the website from where the result comes. However, unlimited questions can be generated that engage you for hours. To get more questions, use the button ‘Ask Another Question.

When did google launch the “I’m feeling curious” trick?

Google’s coolest trick, “I’m feeling curious” launched in September of 2015. This app aimed to serve the people with worldwide fun facts that include past inventions, sports information, internet services, solar system, animal information, all types of news, and many other interesting aspects of the universe. That’s why it got wonderful reviews and comments from the users. Even this website keeps you away from boredom and anxiety.

While many people join it to keep themselves stay updated about any topic of the world. However, this fact trick has paved the way for many other games and obscure facts of Google.

After the popularity of “I’m feeling curious”, Google started introducing some other tricks and games to entertain the users. Names of some exciting tricks are given below.

  • Fun Facts
  • I’m feeling artistic
  • I’m feeling puzzled
  • I’m feeling playful
  • I’m feeling wonderful
  • I’m feeling doodly
  • I’m feeling generous
  • I’m feeling lucky
  • I’m feeling good
  • Many more

What are Google easter eggs?

On the 20th anniversary, Google added some easter eggs surprises for users. Every egg contains some features like web pages, computer programs, movies, books, or games. Most probably, easter eggs allow you to play classic video games such as snake, PacMan, etc.


There are infinite fun facts that google generates, and some of the interesting examples from them are given here;

Who first introduced the concept of I.Q.?

The term I.Q. stands for ‘Intelligence Quotient’ that deals with the psychology of a person. First of all, the psychologist William Stern introduced I.Q. in the early 1900s. Later, Alfred and French citizens used this term to identify the special educational requirements of childer by objective tests.

How many dots are there on a golf ball?

The number of dots on a golf ball mainly depends on the size. Usually, there are 336 dots on a normal golf ball. However, golf balls come in many different sizes, due to which the number of dimples on a ball varies from 300 to 500.

How many states of matter are there?

There are mainly four states of matter that are readily observable with sensory details. These are gas, solid, liquid, and plasma. Plasma is not abundant, but still, it exists. However, some other rare states like neutron-degenerate matter and Bose-Einstein condensates come into being in extreme conditions.

What was the first city to reach a population of one million?

Rome was the first city to reach a population of one million people in 134 B.C. This city actually belongs to Italy. After that, many cities like New York from the USA and London from England reached this population. In the present world, there are more than 300 cities that have achieved this mark.

What is the color of Venus?

After a lot of struggle, researchers came to know that Venus has yellowish-white sulfuric acid clouds. However, there is a thick layer of colorless and featureless clouds that does not disturb the structure of Venus. Conversely, the Earth has light blue color due to a major part of the water, including oceans, rivers, and white clouds.


No doubt, Google is becoming quicker and smarter day by day. In the ocean of innovations by Google, the “I’m feeling curious” is a drop of creativity. People like to know about their favorite topics, and this site brings everything for them. Even it gives you the privilege to read universal facts and play fun games from the menu. Hit the Google search bar and write that phrase to let the fun begins.

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