How To Get Aadhar PVC Card Online

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Aadhar PVC Card is the only document available nationwide. Citizens can get Aadhar numbers for free. This number includes biometric data such as fingerprints and iris scans.

You can use Aadhar letter, or free Aadhar card as proof of your identity. UIDAI has invented another type of Aadhar called the Aadhar PVC Cards. Now much lower than its price.

What is Aadhar PVC card?

Aadhar PVC card is a unique type of Aadhar. To verify the Aadhaar PVC card, the user’s contact information is printed on a 3D picture plastic card. For any calculation use

To get an Aadhar PVC card of the same size as a credit or debit card, you have to pay a fee for it. These fees include card printing and shipping costs. Users with registered phone numbers and users without registered phone numbers can use different mobile phone numbers to get their Aadhar cards.

How can I order and get an Aadhar PVC cards online?

To get a copy of your Aadhar PVC card, go to the websites which works for Aadhar PVC card, click Order Aadhar Reprint; And then authenticate with the OTP sent to your registered mobile phone number, you have to pay. Payment can be make by credit, debit card, online banking or some other resources.

After making the payment, the site will create a tracking number, a ticket number, which can be used to track the Aadhar PVC cards. Website claims that the Aadhaar PVC printing card will be deliver to the post office within 5 business days. The same thing will be deliver to the customer by courier within a few days.

Your Aadhar PVC card will be deliver to your address in the coming weeks. Note that the Unique Identification Authority of country sends the card only to the address shown on the Aadhar card and cannot send it to another address.

Security Features of Aadhar PVC Cards have many security features such as a hologram, security QR codes, thin text, ghost images, release dates, and print dates. Adar logo with floral pattern.

Should you have an Aadhaar PVC cards?

Inserting an Aadhaar PVC card printed on paper, which costs is much low; can cause long-term damage, but an Aadhaar PVC card can last a long time. Please note that Aadhar PVC cards can only be order online and third party websites cannot offer original Aadhar PVC cards with features such as 3D holograms and ghost images.

Aadhar PVC card

All-new Aadhar PVC cards: Security features, charges, and other details explained

Aadhar PVC Card: The new Aadhar Card can be reprint as a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Card in the Single Identity Office in USA; giving it a completely different avatar. You can now carry an Aadhar card or a bank card similar to an ATM card in your wallet. Unique Identification Authority tweeted: “With the latest security features; Aadhar is more durable, easier to carry, and has instant offline control.”

What are the security features of Aadhar PVC Cards?

  1. Good print quality and lamination
  2. Aadhar PVC Cards are more durable and easier to hold
  3. The new Aadhaar PVC card has the latest safety features. Security features include holograms, elaborate patterns, ghosts, and small text.
  4. Aadhaar PVC card provides complete air protection so you can take it anywhere without fear of rain damage.
  5. Instant offline verification using a QR code
  6. This card contains security features like release date and issue date.
  7. The new Aadhaar PVC card features an embossed Aadhaar logo

Residents who do not have a registered mobile phone number can request a new Aadhaar PVC Card.

Aadhar Cards Order is a new service develop by Unique Identification Authority that helps Aadhar owners to print Aadhar information on PVC cards for a small fee. Residents who do not have a registered mobile phone number can apply using an unregistered/alternate mobile phone number.

How long does it take to get an Aadhar PVC Cards?

According to the frequently asked questions on the Unique Identification Authority website, when ordering; the Unique Identification Authority card will be deliver to the post office within 5 working days (excluding the order date) and the PVC card will use the courier service. It will be deliver without.

How much does it cost to order an Aadhar PVC cards?

When ordering an Aadhar PVC cards, one must have a hold of £ 50 (including GST and Express Mail).

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