The 10 major web design trends of 2021

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Web design trends 2021

In a world where YouTube notifications and ads vie for the spotlight on our screens, you won’t be surprised to learn web design that in 2021 we want some peace and quiet. No more push, flash, match, or other, our eyes need rest.

This year, minimalism is in the spotlight for logos and the same goes for web design. Websites need to get straight to the point. Clear and intuitive are the keywords for the next 12 months (at least!).

Now that we have a general idea, let’s go into a bit more detail. What does it take to create a beautiful and effective website this year?

Here are the 10 web design trends of 2021

  1. Oversize
  2. Split screens
  3. Solid colors
  4. White spaces
  5. The grid
  6. 3D digital images
  7. Superposition
  8. Movement
  9. Full-screen forms
  10. Customized visuals

01. The oversize

In order to communicate clear and straightforward information, the websites choose for XXL elements. This applies to absolutely all aspects of web design: typography, videos, and photos, or even navigation menus.

The advantage of oversize is that it immediately attracts attention. Not to mention the fact that your pages will look great on any screen size. Be careful not to overload your site to get the most of this trend. Choose each item with the utmost care. Too many features could have the opposite effect and be totally counterproductive.

In practice, many people associate a full-width video or photo at the top of the site with a large title. Thus, they are sure that the main message is visible and quickly remembered.

02. The split screens

You want to convey two ideas at the same time, but how do you avoid confusing your visitors? Well, consider splitting your screen in half. Add the necessary elements to each part while keeping a clean style.

This trend allows us to move away from the famous rectangular format (when will triangles screens be expected?). Then it’s up to you to let your imagination run wild. You can play on symmetry or asymmetry, add parallax effects or other animations to energize your page.

03. Solid colors

We are not straying too far from the previous trend. Here, it is a question of dividing your screen with compartments but also with different colors. So you can get multiple messages across in a subtle and consistent way.

Each section must contain a photo and/or a short text for the navigation to be clear. As for the colors, stay in the same tones for a consistent design.

In this trend, we combine several elements. The main risk is therefore to fall into the disorder effect. To avoid this, alternate between the blocks of colors, texts, and images. This will help keep the layout clean and harmonious.

04. White spaces

We wanted colors and now we are looking for white? What is the logic in this? White space refers to the empty places between each element. They give measure and a sense of expanse to any page. We go even further by saying that they are essential to distinguish each element and give it the attention it deserves.

When we talk about white space, we are talking more about space than white. In other words, if you have a colorful background, that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of this trend, which is to give an impression of order and serenity to your site.

Although this is not a new trend, white spaces are finding their place in 2021. Indeed, with large typographies, XXL images, and structured pages, they allow us to harmonize everything and give a look boldly to your layouts.

05. The grid

Web design is increasingly inspired by new technologies. By taking our operating systems and mobile applications as models, websites change their look and become contemporary.

We can explain: what was previously reserved for model work is now displayed without complexity (and with a hint of self-derision) on web pages. The fine lines crisscross and divide our screens to guide our eyes to the desired elements.

06. 3D digital images

Next to the net and the tidy, we find more original digital art compositions composed of bright colors. These elements create contrast and attract the attention of visitors.

Once again, digital 3D works did not appear on 01/01/2021 at 00:01. But recently, some creation software has become more democratic, thus allowing access to a greater number of people. Conclusion: these visuals take any shape and color and give personality to your site.

07. The superposition

Text on one video over another video. When done well, the overlay allows you to go beyond the two dimensions and 4 corners of your screen.

We hear you from here: WHAT about the clean and minimalist style that we have been advocating since the beginning of this article? Well, know that the two are not incompatible. By using white space between your elements and prioritizing your content, you will end up with pages that are as clear as rock water.

Create the desired effect thanks to lightboxes, parallax effects, or the positioning of your media and typography.

08. The movement

Videos and animations have a long history on the web. Any movement catches the eye and arouses the interest of Internet users – which is especially useful in a world where our attention span keeps dwindling. It’s a great way to direct visitors to call-to-action buttons or other important parts of your site.

The movement can take several forms: from micro animation when you hover over an element to a font that runs through the screen, including video of course.

To apply this trend effectively on your site, ask yourself which section you want to attract attention to. While movement can serve your purpose, it can also distract it and distract your visitors. So be measured.

09. Full-screen forms

Take everything you’ve just been told and apply it to online forms. Our description could almost end here. But on second thought, this point deserves to be detailed.

Forms are often the most interactive part of your site. This is where your customers come by to ask you a question, fill in delivery information, pay online, or subscribe to a newsletter. And it is no coincidence that a good number of Internet users leave the website at this stage. Indeed, it is not always the most pleasant page … Well, that was before. In 2021, they are displayed on the entire screen and radically transform the user experience.

You can make the process even more alive by adding micro-interactions each time a user takes an action. For example, the color may darken when the field has been completed or a message may appear saying that the form was submitted successfully. Just because we are talking to a screen doesn’t mean we have to put aside our good manners.

10. Customized visuals

The websites have the king’s choice when it comes to visuals: photos, icons, illustrations, etc. They are no longer just used to add color to a page. They tell a story and are an integral part of the marketing strategy.

For example, an online skateboard store will be able to place street art on its pages. Whereas an association will use images of real people to add “human” and generate emotion.

The visuals accompany the vision of your company and reflect your brand identity. Take a look at our vector images for unique illustrations and hundreds of icons and badges. Plus, browse through Wix’s multimedia features to find the image that will perfectly match your brand’s needs.

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