The main web design trends in 2021

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The success of your website or online platform depends on many criteria, but one of them mainly lies in artistic and graphic design. Knowing what the trends are in design not only allows you to stay up to date on web design habits but also to optimize your site.

Why take an interest in web design?

In 2021, redesigning your website in terms of design must be part of your digital strategy.
In fact, habits and trends in web design change and improve year after year, while others disappear completely from the surface of the Net.

Why change your web design in 2021?

Not paying attention to the major web design trends in 2021 is to take the risk of seeing your site obsolete. Therefore, your site will not meet or no longer meet the expectations of the market in your sector of activity or the needs of customers and users.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, craftsman, e-merchant, or online service provider, it is essential to know enough about the main directions in web design so that your site impeccably reflects the essence of your activity.

The main web design trends in 2021

Humanized chatbots

Chatbots that have developed at high speed in recent years will take on a different face.

Indeed, with the sophistication of artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots are set to become a real standard for interacting with the customer service of an e-commerce site.

A chatbot that is closer to the customer and his needs undeniably brings a positive user experience.

Greater accessibility

Accessibility, as well as inclusion, is an essential concept today.

It is imperative that websites take into account the needs of people with disabilities where everyone can navigate and interact with ease thanks to:

  • A contrast of colors;
  • Focus indicators;
  • Use of instructions with built-in form fields;
  • Etc.

This inevitably brings a more successful user experience and it increases conversion rates while boosting your site’s SEO.

More interactivity

Today, web design is alive.

It should allow everyone to interact with the website and learn more about the desired product or service.

To increase this interactivity with your Internet users, the web design in 2021 will integrate surveys, quizzes, or even involve its Internet users in a competition.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality continues to gain ground.

Today, we use this technique to allow the user to visit places, and to imagine the organization of his interior. Virtual reality provides useful, practical, and meaningful content for Internet users, which will help them in their purchasing decision.


Today we are used to interacting with websites. These animations make the site more lively, and more interactive. This is why the development of these micro-interactions, such as by modifying the image of the trajectory of the mouse for example according to the subject it is flying over, makes it possible to increase the attention and interest of the Internet user…

This is also the case with the magnetic buttons which have a natural appearance and integrate naturally into the site.

Web design

For the company, it is the opportunity to stand out from its competitors with an immersive and fun experience.

Organic shapes

If geometric shapes were trendy in 2019 and 2020, 2021 will see another trend confirmed in web design: organic shapes. These are flowing shapes, round, asymmetrical, sinuous shapes that will help compartmentalize sections of a website without using harsh angles or straight lines.

Back to minimalism?

What we called “design plate” in English a few years ago is back in fashion, but in a more colorful way. It will no longer necessarily be paired with a white background but can complement a bold, colorful, solid, minimal design background.

Dare to color

The color will take important stakes. While 2020 saw a design relatively oriented towards retro colors, sometimes using an old-fashioned or even old-fashioned look, the year 2020 and surely the year 2021 are positioned on cooler or more vivid colors.

The use of so-called deep colors as a backdrop will become popular.

In fact, we are going to abandon the traditional white background for a more colored background, which will allow the eye to be drawn to brighter colored buttons.

For a company or a brand, it is an opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition by applying one or more colors of its graphic charter as a backdrop.

The choice of color will carefully consider because the color conveys an intention, an atmosphere.

This undeniably influences our behavior and our association with an environment: the color green corresponds to natural products and nature while red is synonymous with passion and energy, while blue symbolizes calm and serenity.

The color will, in 2021, evoke the mood that the site wants to arouse.

Why not associate the color with this feeling of nostalgia which appeals more and more.

Or play with gradients in the typography to add depth to your message?

The use of large print

It was already a trend in 22,020, but it will multiply significantly in 2021, especially in terms of titles as for the H1 and H2 tags.

Now fonts are getting wider, thicker, and tighter. More and more brands decide to choose one or two words to highlight to make visible the content of a site or a web page.

The look is immediately more contemporary and the user knows exactly what to expect and what it is.

Switch to the dark mode

This is a trend that was already being confirmed in 2020, especially for the web design of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dark mode will become more pronounced in 2021 and extend to the websites of businesses and service providers because it brings many benefits:

  • A decrease in eye fatigue;
  • A very modern look;
  • The possibility of highlighting elements of a site.

Do not omit white space

White space, also called negative space, represents the spacing between each element.

It is not necessarily white but must remain empty of any element.

This spacing allows the content to breathe, to be highlighted, and to bring a feeling of relaxation to Internet users thanks to better readability.

Highlighting information blocks

The goal is always to focus on the user experience.

Today, Internet users have more confidence in figures, analyzes, and results.

This is why the development of information blocks and in particular graphic elements mixed with photographic elements on the sites are so many visual cues that will reassure the Internet user.

This will certainly strengthen the loyalty and confidence of Internet users in your site; in your brand, or in your products.

Web design trends to forget in 2021

Even if some habits are tough, some trends still won’t be able to replace old designs.

However, certain guidelines must be forgotten in terms of web design in 2021 so that your site is as attractive as possible:

  • Static elements: today, the Internet user is using a continuous movement on the Internet. Every detail should have some kind of small movement during the interaction.
  • Geometry: the trend of asymmetry is more than a trend, it is a new standard that is slowly emerging. Rigid or too tight-fitting shapes become obsolete to make room for more fluidity in graphic design.
  • Traditional stock images: the user no longer wants to see monotonous media files that can be found through a search engine. Although these stock images remain an essential source, it is important that designers are more demanding when it comes to graphic quality and the value of the photos submitted.
    In order for your website to generate more traffic and attract more potential customers, it must stay in the era of web design.
  • Convert image to HTML and CSS by using an online converter in 2022.

Thinking upstream about the ergonomics of your site while taking into account both web design trends; the user experience helps ensure a quality website.

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