What is Mobile Phone?


Mobile is an English word that means phone, portable phones, easy to move, fluid, variable, etc.

The IT sector, and can be utilized elsewhere in carrying and information devices and communication devices, it can be used while moving outdoors The communication system radio often represents the availability while moving by using a… In particular, it is often used to mean a mobile phone service ( communication system) provided by a telecommunications carrier to a subscriber, and related devices, systems, software, services, and the like.

“Mobile devices” are information/communication devices that are equipped with shapes and characteristics that are easy to carry to another location, rechargeable batteries, wireless communication systems, and input/output devices integrated into the main unit, and can be used outdoors or on the move. It is called (phone device). The word “portable” is sometimes used with almost the same meaning, but the nuance that “mobile” can be used while moving, and “portable” is fixedly installed after being carried. It may include the nuance of using it.

Besides, among mobile devices, devices of a size and shape that can be carried or used with one hand are “handheld devices”, and those that can be worn or worn on a part of the body or clothes are “handheld devices”. It is also called a “wearable device”.

Communication systems and communication services that enable communication outdoors or while moving using wireless communication methods such as electromagnetic waves and light are called “mobile communications.” It includes so-called phones and wireless LANs, but if you want to refer only to mobile phones to distinguish them from general wireless communication, the word “cellular ” is preferred in English (especially American). Also, wireless is called “wireless”, but since some wireless communication systems and services connect fixedly installed devices, wireless is not necessarily.


Mobile computing

Use your computer on the move or the go. With the higher performance and functionality of laptop computers, personal digital assistants; smartphones, etc., and then speeding up of data communication using mobile phones and mobile data communication services; Also now possible to reproduce the same environment at home or work while on the go. It is becoming. It may also be called mobile computing, which refers only to the case where data communication by a mobile phone or the like is used together.

Mobile Internet

To connect your computer or information device to the Internet, mainly using wireless communication technology; outdoors, where you are staying, or while traveling by vehicle. Also, such an internet connection service.

Using the data communication function of the mobile phone (mobile communication) service and the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connection service provided by commercial facilities and telecommunications carriers; I carried it to a place different from my usual place of residence. This refers to connecting the terminal to the Internet. It is a term that describes the means of connecting to the Internet, and there is no network called the mobile Internet.

Even if wireless communication is used, it does not include cases where wireless LAN is used as a means of connecting to a fixed-line in a home or office. Also, even if using only the wired communication; ISDN public telephone If you want to use the data communication services and, such as hotels; Ethernet to the Internet connection of their terminal on the go by using an (Ethernet) LAN connection service May be included in phone internet.

Mobile broadband

A general term for wireless communication services and technologies that realize communication speeds similar to broadband communications (high-speed data communications); such as optical fibers. It is possible to communicate at a speed of several Mbps to several tens of Mbps, and it can be used outdoors or even when moving at high speed within the communication area.

There are several communication methods to realize the mobile broadband, the powerful is 4G ((the fourth generation) phone high-speed data communication system of the LTE and LTE-Advanced, etc.), was based on the technology of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Mobile WiMAX, etc.

Mobile broadband is generally such as phone base stations refers to from the target area of the surface to cover the service, limited; such as in-store and the train station point available in the wireless LAN hot spot; including services such as Often not.


One of the development and operation policies of websites and software, to publish the version for mobile terminals such as smartphones before or at the same time as for personal computers. Also, when designing the functions, displays; and operation methods of sites and software, always prioritize ease of use on mobile terminals.

When developing and publishing websites, internet services, software, etc., the personal computer version was the first; and the mobile version was often release later. Also, the mobile version was often treated as an “extra” because its functions were limited and the design of the personal computer version was brought in as it was; making it difficult to display and operate.

On the other hand, Mobile First expresses the stance of always giving top priority to responding to the phone environment when designing and developing and provides the version at the same time as or in advance of the PC version; or designs for mobile-first. And develop a personal computer version accordingly. With the rapid penetration of smartphones and tablets, an increasing number of companies are proclaiming mobile-first.

What is the mobile phone ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a topic that many IT vendors have mentioned. Huawei Hangmen system is about to be launch, which will connect mobile phones and computers. The biggest difficulty lies in ecological cultivation.

What is the mobile phone ecosystem?

Let’s start with the mobile phone’s operating system.

There are currently two mainstream systems in the world. The first is Apple’s IOS system, and the second is Google’s Android system. As an open-source system, Android is used by most phone manufacturers, and Huawei also uses Android from time to time.

Although the market share of IOS is not as good as that of Android, it has a very strong guard wall. It can be said that IOS and Android can’t kill anyone.

The phone is just a carrier nowadays, which connects APP service providers and users. This is the entire ecology of the phone system. There must be consumers, APP developers, etc. under this ecosystem, not just phone manufacturers.

It seems that to develop a commercial center, someone must go out to open a store to attract consumers. The arrival of more consumers can attract more businesses to open a store. This is a virtuous circle and a better ecology. Assuming that there are no merchants or consumers, no matter how well your business center is built; it is a failed business center.

Assuming that a mobile phone system has no developers and users, no matter how perfect it is, it is a failed phone system. Microsoft bought Nokia that year, hoping to use Nokia to implement its phone system. But soon Microsoft’s phone system failed. Microsoft is one of the world’s largest technology companies, and it can be say to be invincible on the computer side. The loss of the Microsoft system to the Android system is not since Microsoft’s technical ability is inferior to Google.

Mobile phone ecosystem
Mobile phone ecosystem

Android System Advantage

The Android system has a first-mover advantage, which makes the Android ecosystem more complete. Building a complete ecosystem cannot be successful in a day or two. Back then, the mobile phone giant, Nokia, finally collapsed overnight because it closely guarded its Symbian system.

However, although the selling point is there it is the greatest effect to maintain the ecosystem after the system is launch. Although there are tens of millions of sequencers in China today; assuming the full name supports Huawei, we can move the use of Android and Apple outside of the Huawei system in a very short time. However, Huawei is currently not only selling in the Chinese market; half of Huawei’s expenditures now come from central Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Even if we can get the effect of the Chinese market in a short time, we can’t get the domestic market.

Mobile Phone Manufacturers

In the past, mobile phone manufacturers used to sell hardware to make money, but now most phone manufacturers rely on services to make money. Although Apple did not sell well in phones last year, the revenue from its services has set a record high; which has greatly increased Apple’s market value. Relying on its unique system, Apple can obtain a small amount of revenue from users; the paid download and implementation of the APP store, the use of cloud space, and APP dividends, etc. This is the source of Apple’s huge expenditure. Currently, Apple’s service revenue has surpassed hardware expenditures.

The ecology of high-quality mobile phones is not that complicated and has one purpose: easy to use, applicable; and different from person to person. What others think is not necessarily good. Just suitable.

The group thinks that it should refer to the market spreading share of various brands; systems; or operators in the phone market in the future, right?

To put it more complicatedly; the phone ecosystem is a system made by a company, but there is no operating environment. No QQ or WeChat can be used on this system, which is a failure. If you want to run all software on this system, you must ask the software company to stop adopting the system. After the adaptation is complete, the software can run on this system. This system was successful. This is the phone ecosystem.

IOS, Android

At present, iOS, android, we are the world’s three major systems, it is impossible to completely squeeze them out; it is a big deal + a group of long tails. In my opinion, android is a good system; but its fluency is far inferior to that of we, which may be due to the lack of hardware thinking in the underlying design. In recent years, android is also planning the ecosystem, but it has nothing to do with Google’s technological trend. The current increase in the share of Android is mainly in China.

A series of mobile phones such as China’s Xiaomi, Huawei, and Maize are all deep customizations of the Android system. The so-called customization is to go to the Google service while laying the foundation for a series of intelligent hardware planning and cloud services with Chinese characteristics. From this point of view; it is Chinese entrepreneurs who have won Android, which is inseparable from the entire integration strategy.

This shows that Google’s own ecology and services have little to do with China. China just borrowed the Android shell to do its own thing. From this, it seems that Android will occupy the Chinese market to a large extent, and Android is easy to copy. Next up is iOS. The ecosystem strategy was set at the beginning of its creation, and it is now blooming everywhere. The ecosystem is volatile, and it is difficult to die without dying early. IOS is like a world, and people once couldn’t leave it. Now that iOS has an experience store in Hangzhou, its China strategy and low-price strategy will become a killer. Finally, WP, a system with a market share of only 3%, just like abiotic game, seems to die without expansion. But the mobile-first and cloud-first strategy are not for nothing.

Corporate Users

All corporate users, for better tasks, will never change the integration needs of PC and mobile. But we see that many corporate users have also turned to iMac. Microsoft’s veteran system is very strong this time on win10. All enterprises are increasing their investment in cloud services. The vernacular is the original ecology that is officially design and has not changed.

It is the root system of the Android system. Various phone manufacturers have stopped optimizing the order of matching their mobile phone hardware to better integrate the order with the hardware. The prerequisite for optimization is to start from the root system. Fortunately, each phone manufacturer loads some feature plug-ins or ringtones into the system. Such a system life is the same as the root system version number, but some centers are different. The ecosystem is the system without any modification, namely the root system.

Mobile phone ecosystem:

Is the root system of the mobile phone system?

  1. All phone manufacturers have stopped optimizing the order of matching their phone hardware to better integrate the order with the hardware.
  2. The prerequisite for optimization is to start from the root system. Fortunately, each phone manufacturer loads some feature plug-ins or ringtones into the system. Such a system life is the same as the root system version number, but some centers are different.
  3. The ecosystem is the system without any modification, namely the root system.
  4. The common point is one-stop service, one cycle, the most concise words provide more services, more convenient, cheaper, and more efficient.

Their vision is to use the mobile phone as a platform to provide you with everything, eat, drink, and sleep. This is more for investors or businesses, but now investors and businesses have to listen. In the market, the market has to listen to the users, so the mobile phone sellers are telling you about ecology. For example; XX phone merchants say that ecology means that you can connect all electrical appliances and computing terminals in your home through XX phones; and then you can do it for you. Eating, Drinking, Traveling and Medical will provide you with ready-made solutions; a platform for merchants, no need to go around to attract customers to find customers; access to XX platform customer sources; and then combine big data to give the best operation plan.


It constitutes XX mobile phone merchants collecting rents and providing customers to merchants; merchants charging service fees to provide services to phone users, paying for convenient services. This is the ecology, and the inventor of the platform is the phone merchant. The rulers of the circle as to why they want to be a commercial ruling class, build a platform; and then collect money from merchants on the platform, and make the most money at the least cost.

Root System of Mobile Phones

It is the root system of mobile phones. Each mobile phone manufacturer has stopped optimizing the order of matching their phone hardware to make the order better integrated with the hardware. The prerequisite for optimization is to start from the root system. Fortunately, each mobile phone manufacturer loads some feature plug-ins or ringtones into the system. Such a system life is the same as the root system version number, but some centers are different. The ecosystem is the system without any modification, namely the root system.

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